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The Evolution of Truth
In the 1100's, we still believed
that alchemy could turn lead into gold.
Chest of Gold
Earth In the 1300's, we still believed
that the Earth was at the
center of the solar system.
In the 1800's, we still believed
that manned flight was impossible.
Atomic Bomb In the 1940's, we still believed
that nuclear radiation was harmless.
And today, we still believe that . . .

The truth is unchanging,
but our understanding of it is constantly evolving.

Throughout mankind's history, beliefs accepted as unarguable fact in one age have been discovered to be false in the next.  Have you ever wondered which of today's "facts" will be seen by future generations as the "old myths" of the 21st century?

We're taught that life is the result of chance and natural adaptation, but is this the truth, or is it just a "fact" that suits our limited understanding of life?

  • If evolution occurred, is it really the source of life's creation or is it God's process of creation?

  • Is there any scientific evidence or basis in reason which proves that DNA is a result of chance rather than a creation of the Divine?

  • Could evolution be little more than a myth for today that will someday be replaced by a deeper understanding?

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The Evolution of Truth: An Overview

This site explores evidence for the Divine creation and intelligent design in the universe, man's search for another intelligence and the theory of evolution as an explanation for the existence of life. One of the key evidences presented for creation is the recurring appearance of the Divine proportion, or golden section, throughout the design of the human body and other life forms. The Divine proportion, or golden section, as it was known to the ancient Greeks, is based on a numerical series, which was discovered around 1200 A.D. by Leonardo Fibonacci.  The ratio of each successive pair of numbers in the Fibonacci series converges on the number 1.6180339. . ., also known as phi. Phi and the Fibonacci series are found not only in the physical proportions of many living organisms, but also in the solar system, geometry, art, architecture and even music. Is this pure coincidence, or is it a sign of an underlying principle of Divine creation and Intelligent Design?   Other evidences of creation by God are shown through numerous illustrations of mankind's greatest "inventions" that, curiously, existed first in nature and examples of natural selection and adaptation that seem more unnatural than natural.  The site challenges the rationale of our search for another intelligence and conventional thinking on evolution as the sole explanation of life's existence.
Many other links and resources are provided on creation and evolution, the Fibonacci series and golden section, DNA and genetics, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI) and our spirituality and ability to know God. Concepts are presented in non-technical terms with many original graphics to illustrate key points.  Whatever your beliefs, you're almost sure to find something interesting or thought-provoking here, so come in, "open a few new doors to your world," and contemplate how our understanding of the truth evolves before us over the millennia, and within us over a lifetime. Enjoy the journey!

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